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Chemical Cleaning in Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industries

Kianfararyand Arak Co., provides chemical cleaning services for mainly refinery and petrochemical industries and commissioning applications. We perform pickling and passivation of stainless and carbon steel pipes and equipments i.e. boilers and heat exchangers.

Our cleaning and passivation process comply with internationally and proven standards and are carried out under the supervision of highly qualified engineers.

Some of our done projects all in IRAN are as below:

  • HHPS boilers in ARAK petrochemical company
  • HHPS turbine pipe line in ARAK petrochemical company
  • HHP compressor pipe line in Arya Sasol polymer company
  • Oxygen pipe line cleaning in Morvared petrochemical company
  • Heat exchanger cleaning in Orea plant of Pardis petrochemical company.
  • ASU piping and equipments in khaton abad- kerman copper smelting factory
  • Olefin plant exchangers in Arya Sasol polymer company